Instant Approval Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites & Backlink Guide

Instant Approval Do-Follow Social Bookmarking Sites & Backlink Guide

If you are new to digital marketing then you are at the right guide for SEO beginners. This will help to understand everything about the backlink. During the entire blog we’ll cover the following points:

  1. What Is Backlink Building & Why Is It Important For Website Ranking?
  2. Types of Backlinks (Do-follow & No-Follow)
  3. How to Start a Backlink Building Campaign
  4. Link Building Strategy
  5. Processing, Cleaning of Toxic Backlink 
  6. Deep Backlink Building Tips and Tricks 

You already know that SEO-off-page optimization. Why it is so important for website ranking. But still, we’ll go with step by step brief introduction of it. 

If you are new in digital marketing then you should need to follow the steps. As these steps are ready to make you avoid a toxic score of a website. What is this toxic score ?

Let us discuss everything essential for improving website ranking. You know digital marketing is directly proportional to online business lead generation.

What Is Backlink Building & Why Is It Important For Website Ranking?

Whenever your website’s URL link is present over any external website then this link termed as a backlink. Say for example your website link or including permalink URL if present on any of the website such as, This means your website gets a backlink from XYZ domain. 

Sometimes backlinks also known by other names too such as Inbound links/Incoming links.

As per the Google SEO guidelines and new SEO algorithms update; the scenario of backlink building transforming towards a most accurate ratio of both do-follow as well as a no-follow backlink. 

This is always important to have high-quality backlink if you want to rank number#1 in search engine. Every backlink is a kind of upvote from one website to another.

It also signals google for indexing the content of your website at the external website. In this way, the indexing of your website also improves.

There are some basic rules of creating backlinks that we will discuss but before that first, we need to understand how a backlink is created, how the search engines consider backlinks and interpret from them. 

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Let’s understand the link elements:

1. Link tag: This is also known as opening tag of anchor tag (<a) that tells Google bot what to follow. End of the link it is known closer tag (</a>)

2. Referral link element: This is hyperlink referral-Ahref, in between quotation “….” this clear mention which links to point. As per your intent, this link might be of webpage, image, download link etc. 

3.Anchor/visible/ text: This is sometimes we consider a call to action text, as this will encourage users to click. If you would like to explore more. This text is hyperlinked with destination URL. So this looks protruded in comparison of besides text. 

What does a search engine understand by backlink?

There is 2 possible means:

1. Help to discover new web-pages.
2. Increase your website page indexing in terms of ranking.

Whenever the Google bot indexing your backlinks then it is natural to create the snap-shot (capture the entire page) and store them in database i.e. also known as indexing. 

And when the user searches for relevant keywords then it finds those keywords, topics in their index library and show the user most relevant and optimise search results.

Similarly, it also considers how many links are pointing to that web-page. So, in this way, we understand the value of high DA backlink in SERPs. (search engine result pages). 

In the late 1990s, Google co-founder, Larry Page invented PageRank. This is one of the all-time valuable factors that measure the quality of the page as per the number of backlinks pointing to the page. In this way, SEO professionals are doing the backlink generation to rank website ranking.

While creating the backlink you need to make sure the domain authority and toxic score. Google algorithms are now also giving privilege to the quality backlink.

If you are excessively creating the backlink then it results into over-optimization. Periodically, Google announces new launches of Google SEO algorithms and guidelines.

If you follow them properly then it saves your website from Google algorithms penalty. Keep sustaining SERPs of your domain.

Types of Backlinks (Do-follow & No-Follow)

you need to know about no-follow:

Google bot detect singles based on the type of backlinks. Generally, user can not find any difference once they click on the embedded link but if you have a little bit knowledge of code then you can easily identify the difference. Example: 

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Example</a>

No-follow attribute signals Google bot not to pass any link juice to the destination URL. Therefore these no-follow backlinks do not help to improve the website ranking. But still having importance to maintain the balance of over and under optimization. 

If you want to allow the online user to comment and insert their links but you do not want to share the link juice with them or either you are having charges that need to be paid for getting do-follow backlink at the same. 

Do-follow backlinks :

This type of backlink is the natural way for link building as well as passes the link juice. You can create do-follow backlinks 70% concerning no-follow backlink i.e. 30%.  

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Example</a>

As you already know types and techniques of SEO 

Let’s take a brief not of both of them 

There are 2 types of SEO 

We recommend you to have online Digital Marketing live project training.

SEO-On-page – It includes the following factors that need to be evaluated.

1Canonical Issues
2Content (Duplicate)
3URL Structure
5Meta description
6Meta Keywords
8XML Sitemap
9customized 404 page
10Image Optimization ( Alt AttributesTitle Attributes) alt=
11HTML Header Tag (H1,H2,H3,H4&H5)
12W3C Validation (HTML errors)
13Analytics Installed
14Google Webmaster
15Loading Time
16Broken links
17SEO Unfriendly URLs

SEO off-page includes the following Backlink Activities

Per site Total Activities
Article per week2
Bookmarking per day2
Press Release per week2
Classified Per Day2
Directory Per day1
PPT per Week1
Infographics Per week1
Blog Commenting per day2
Blog per week1
Local Listing Per day1
Quara Per day2
Micro Blogging per day2

How to Start a Backlink Building Process:

This includes the number of variables in terms of product and service features for which we are trying to rank in Google. While creating a Google Adwords campaign to generate online business leads. Similarly, we are creating backlinks for our service/product pages. 

There are simple steps that make sure ranking at specific keywords:

1. Based on available assets we can create backlinks

As per the targeted goals of ranking within the stipulated time frame, helps you to choose SEO off-page activities that we already discussed above. Daily goals of creating backlinks make sure improvement in your website ranking. 

The story behind this backlink generation is to rank number#1 in the search engine at competitive keywords. Once you acquired your ranking, you will be getting the superb income. How amazing this would be but you know it needs daily practice without any excuse. 

2. Educate your business audience

Now not creating backlink is not enough for sustainable ranking you need to work on brand awareness. As this will help you to create the inbound sales/traffic over your website as compared to your competitor’s website. 

Google algorithms are looking for the best suitable, relevant and accurate content that matches the online user’s requirements. While creating the backlinks for such unique content it directly enhances the single to Google bot for outstanding search results to show your niche audience. 

3. Balance link building process

As you know creating backlink for improving ranking is a good practice but also necessary to manage which page needs comparative attention for backlinks. Let’s see

Home page — requires comparative 40% of backlinks

Internal pages- rest of the 60% backlinks

The deep linking term is also used for internal linking. Some of the social bookmarking sites also give the privilege to create deep linking. 

Creating backlinks generally depending upon your targeted keywords and based on that your landing page design and SEO on-page optimization is necessary to match. 

Ideal landing page SEO score synchronises with SEO off-page activities and finally, confidently rank your website page in search engine.

List your niche for backlink generation:

Filter you most relevant audience or similar audience that gives privilege to your content. Following steps count for the best possible outcomes:

Step1- Keywords research
Step2- Create content
Step3- Start SEO-off-page including content out-reach
Step4- Analysis of your backlinks toxic score
Step5- Fix the issues

We love the content outreach strategy for link building. This not only helps to create the new high DA backlinks but also increase your professional network. 

This includes the following steps:

Draft a mail-With subject line and body must include the following discussions:

Why your backlink is necessary for your article and where your article is losing the traffic. How adding your website link could be a chance of value addition to your blog. 

Backlink exchange fills the gap to sustain your online traffic as well as ranking. Create an excel sheet to record everything since the beginning. Follow-ups and comments need to be recorded for further perseverance.