How To Keep Your Website Ranking Number#1 In The Search Engine

Whether you are a startup or well accomplished online company. Search engine optimization is the key associate to manage entire online business revenue.

Both positive and negative impact on website SEO ranking due to the following factors:


1. Website security:

Every search engine works on the basis of its particular set of algorithms. Similarly, also protect the user experience towards the surfing of website.

That’s Google algorithms penalise the websites’ ranking due to lack of security and safety aspects. In terms of security measure, Google has been updated SEO guidelines i.e. also including the SSL certificate for website protection from unknown hacking, malware and other malicious activities.

Websites with SSL (HTTPS) certificate considered having the higher ranking and consecutively having higher website traffic with respect to the non SSL (without HTTPS).

Low security directly impacts low traffic i.e. responsible for comparatively low revenue.

2. Website development platforms:

Majorly, website developer all can do is to make sure the platform in which they are designing & developing the website. This website development CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, plugins, and so on, periodically updated otherwise these can be victimized by automated bots and altered the website content that possibly gets indexed by the search engines.

Not only search engines penalize the website but also the visitors’ experience get hampered. Broke down the flow of the online visitors.

3.Security Verification for SEO spam activities:

This is absolutely mandatory to save your website from Google penalty while your website posts getting the unusual spammy comments, malicious comment, bots, then it is counted as a violation of Google algorithms.

Yes! This is not done by yourself but of course, your website page SEO activities also considerably responsible for your google ranking as well as knowledge graph results.

You need to keep in mind to clean the users’ malicious comments, bots, spammy activities because this is an ill intention of backers to demand extortion amount.

Some of the vulnerable plugin and website theme sources are responsible for the further breach in security. Once the hackers become successful to hack your website then they put the hidden contents, links in your website.

Once the same website undergoes search engine indexing then it complete penalize and popup message comes that convey this website web pages are unsafe for the users.

Unique SEO content marketing strategy also save your website from plagiarism penalty and also act as a ranking factors by sending message to Google search engine optimization (seo) algorithms for more valuable search results.

Do you practice the following negative SEO activities:

Negative SEO is including the black hat SEO and unethical techniques that are short tricks to win the competitive ranking status but unfortunately, you can not sustain the ranking and finally, your website penalise from SERPs. Black hat activities include:

  • Continuously and rapidly building spammy backlinks.
  • Content plagiarism and updates on your website.
  • Driving the traffic over the website by using keywords like poker, viagra,
  • Fake online reputation management on social media.
  • Increase in the number of bad backlinks in comparison to good backlinks.

Now! We are going to discuss to follow the security guidelines to keep your website ranking stable and improvised.

1. Create an email alert in Google Webmaster tool:

The very first step to connect your website with the Webmaster tool. Before your website gets attacked by hackers, having server connectivity issue, page speed, organic traffic, meta tags fetching, the website is no more indexed by search engine and most probably the penalty from search engine algorithms.

In performance section of Google search console, select the search result pages, keyword research (i.e. the organic search queries that user searches)

2. Keep maintaining the log of website backlinks

As far as concern about the spammer’s intention to drop your website ranking you must have to have a routine analysis of website backlinks. Because this is the only way if they are creating bad backlinks and directing the traffic from the negative website.

Both referring IP address and backlinks analysis help you to prevent the spammers to succeed.

So many paid SEO paid as well as free tools give you complete health report of the website. These not help to understand the technical aspects but also share the ideas for reducing SERPs ranking, reducing bounce rate, high quality user friendly search engine results,

But we recommend trusting on Google Analytics and Webmaster tool for complete analysis and resolution of prospective issues.

3. Secure Your Website

Both SSL certificate and bots checker, ensure website security from unethical SEO activities as well as hackers activities. if your website is built upon CMS platform such as WordPress then you can easily make secure it from bots by installing Google Authenticator Plugin and successfully create the 2 steps verification in order to log in to your wordpress website.

1. Make the sure automatic or periodic backup of your website.

2. You can also use site locker service from your hosting provider in order to secure database.

3. If your website is having uploading options then you need to request your hosting service provider for antivirus installation.

Checklist of SEO on-page factors:

  • Canonical Issues
  • Content (Duplicate)
  • URL structure optimization
  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Robots.txt
  • XML Sitemap
  • customized 404 page
  • Image Optimization ( Alt Attributes
  • Title Attributes) alt=
  • HTML Header Tag (H1,H2,H3,H4&H5)
  • W3C Validation (HTML errors)
  • Google webmaster & Analytics verification
  • Loading Time
  • Broken links
  • SSL Certification

Apply 4 SEO trends that help to beat the competitors’ website SERPs ranking.

After-all, it is totally up to the Google search engine algorithms when they are going to update than

your website results really matter to secure number#1 SEO ranking in search engine. 

Following SEO trends help you to make a difference in keyword-based search engine results. 

1. Mobile-first indexing

This is the time where Google officially has given privilege to mobile indexing rather than desktop indexing. 

Make sure you accept to execute the same changes in your SEO strategy. Mobile first indexing does not mean to index mobile only but also consider that desktop version with fully responsive mobile version indexing at the same time. 

In this way, another amazing update in order to accelerate mobile indexing i.e. Accelerate mobile indexing pages development. Google developer community help you to know:

How to develop (AMP- pages)? 

What are the necessary codes that need to incorporate while developing the website pages? 

2. Website page speed:

Several tools such as Google page inside speed other also help you to find what necessary changes in the coding need to implement for further improvements that directly support mobile indexing/mobile friendliness. 

As you know Google recommended the minimum time for loading website in browser to 5 seconds. 

If your website page loading time more than 5 seconds this will impact not only the website ranking but also users’ experience is also compromised. Most importantly, the key role of website designer & developer and how much they know about website page speed optimization. 

3.Brand as a ranking signal:

This is an absolute message not only for the Google algorithms but also for the targeted audience to explore and search manually about the Brand name. As you know the problems are existing if drive the audience to the right solution then they automatically become friendly, trust value increases as well. 

Finally, mentioning your brand name for the same solution service provider for existing problems. 

Conclusively, no need to mention the brand name while you are writing the SEO title, for content optimization. Google understand the concept of brand building. 

4. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Now its come under the European Union and execute certain terms & condition in order to the online privacy protection of personal information. So, this is the thing you can not ignore while trying to rank in Google search engine. 

Your website must fulfil the respective cookies guidelines and also make sure the users are agree upon to share personal information at their own risk.

Embracing the above SEO trending things in your digital marketing strategy will definitely help to improve SERPs.