Keyword Is A King That Define The Entire Industry All Around The Globe


Guys! Do you know what is keyword & What is the importance in digital marketing?

It defines a word that is used to type in the search engine. It is independent of the type of search engine whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo, Or others.

With respect to make happen desired conversion event, following is the listing of including varieties of keywords such as:

Audience keywords:

This is an overall keyword for respective search results. The mix of search results queries you find but later on need to filter which one of the keyword list suits your digital marketing keyword strategy.

Competitor Keywords

In order to check-out the entire list of keywords along with search volume, you can try some of the paid tools SEM Rush, SpyFu among is the best keyword research tools.

Substitute product & service keywords

You know very well the same products and services in the different- different geographical locations are pronounced and known by relative/nicknames names.

Brand keywords

These are keywords list i.e. already well marketed and known to most of the audience. On the basis of this privilege, they are having high conversion and lead generation rate.

Complementary products keywords

While you planning to promote and sale. Use complementary keywords list because this list also assists your targeted keywords, as if now complementary keywords also invite indirect traffic.

Product Keywords

This is the actual keywords list for that clients are looking for further action. Ideally in digital marketing the actual contribution of keywords and how you would like to play with these keywords for further accountability.

What is the keyword density?

Most of us wander around the Google search results for the same query. So many articles and blogs have been comprising to claim the % of keyword need to behave in a particular set of words.

Still, this is too much contradictory to know what is the actual keyword density we need to optimize the overall website content. Of the blogs and articles depict the range of keyword density is 2-3% in per 1000 words but Google guidelines still did not define the % of keyword density.

Types of keywords:

While we talk about the varieties keywords in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). It really matters a lot for competitive search engine result pages with respect to the particular type of keywords. Following are the type of keyword that you need to select for website ranking.

1. Short tail

It is consist of 2-3 words or less. From the name, it is clearly understood short tail keywords are consisting of high search volume, high competition, broad search intent, low conversion rate.

Say for example you search ice then you will be suggested for multiple search results.

2.Long-tail keyword

Comprises of more than 3 words. Comparative to short term keywords long tail keywords are more specific, low search volume as well as low competition.

The beauty of the long tail keyword to easily target the intent of the audience by this means having a high conversion rate.

3.Short-term fresh keyword

These are the periodically updated or trending keywords. For targeting such trends, would like to get rank your website on the same keywords. But the search volume also drops instantly.

4. Long-term evergreen keyword

This is a unique set of keywords that hold your online business growth sustainable. Such keywords are having moderate search volume, competition, users specific search query, and consecutively moderate conversion rate with continuous website optimization.  

5. LSI keyword

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are closely integrated with the main keyword. Say for example your root keyword is tea but the LSI for the same root word will be lemon tea, green tea, white tea etc.

LSI keywords are having low search volume and competitive rate,  high search intent and the strategically accelerate the main keyword ranking, easy to fit into further content creation.

SEO Keyword Optimization

Yes! Of Course, the main website ranking factor is SEO on-page keyword optimization.

This is including the following parameters:

Title Tag: This is the most important message for search engine BOT and gives an indication on which search query it needs to show the website pages.


All the respective internal, external, breadcrumb, navigational and other links are directly integrate with specific user intent keywords i.e. finally responsible for a further call to action.

Content strategy:

As you know content is the king, so you need to design and develop the user-friendly, high readability, and online traffic has driven, viral content, help to rank your online business.

Images: In SEO on-page optimization image Alt. the attribute also plays a key role in increasing the ranking in the image search section.

Meta Description:

This is not sure about website description content including keywords. Still in doubt to play a vital role for search BOT to give privilege description but for the user, it makes them convenient for further action.

This is not sure about website description content including keywords. Still in doubt to play a vital role for search BOT to give privilege description but for the user, it makes them convenient for further action.


Keywords also need to include in website URL structure because it directly gives an indication not only the search engine BOT but also the end user what is the page all about.

PPC Keyword Optimization

As you know very well the keyword strategy is a bit different for PPC campaign management in comparison to SEO. Following factors help you to determine the selection of keywords:

Creating a keyword list:  

depending upon the targeted market segment, what is the keyword search volume and competition. In this case, you need to select the keywords with keyword bid.

Grouping and segmenting:

Keywords selection on the basis of campaign goal like broad match, phrase match, exact match and other keywords grouping.

Landing page optimization:

It is as similar as of SEO on-page optimization of the website. This is directly impacting the quality score of the ads campaign.

Social Media Keyword Optimization

Online reputation management is another term to define social media optimization.

With respect to the website vision, mission, objectives, you need to make user engagement on the basis of including specifically intended search queries by the means of posting, images, videos, organizing contests, event announcement etc.