FREE Bonus Checklist To Get Approve Google Adsense Account Fast

Your hard work must be repaid with Google Adsense Account Approval in 2019.

Follow the steps to make money online through Website Monetization:

  1. Domain name & age

  2. Website design and development platform

  3. Unique & Quality Content

  4. User age limitation

  5. Verify contact details

  6. Privacy Policy

  7. Contact Us Page

  8. About Us Page

  9. For blogging website number of post

  10. check website traffic

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  • How to approve Adsense account with blogger?

  • How to approve Adsense account?

  • How to approve Adsense fast?

  • How to get AdSense approval fast?

  • Don’t you want to have a Google Adsense Account

    Don’t you want to monetise your website/blog

    Don’t you want to generate passive income for your life expectancy

    If Yes..! then you do need to go through:

    The following checklist helps you to get the approval of Google Adsense Account:

    1. Domain name & age

    The process of Google Adsense application includes first of all selection of domain name and age. While booking the domain name you must have a vision to selecting that particular name because ultimately this will not only affect the website business traffic as well as monetization of the website via Google ads.

    The idea of domain name selection must be compatible with prospective business keywords that also help you for SEO practices and finally, drive the organic traffic. Your domain name accordingly Adsense policies considerably at least 3 months old. Name of the domain must not violate Adsense content policies.

    2. Website design and development platform

    As per the Adsense policies for website design and development platforms, you also need to select the most compatible platform with respective Google Adsense ads code because this is a Java code and your website must be the best fit into this code.

    Some of the free website design and development platforms such as e-blogger, WordPress, CMS (content management system, PHP) etc. Google own product and other platforms are easy to manage both SERPs and user interface with well-defined navigation, proper menus, fast loading, SEO friendly, safe & secure with SSL certificate.

    For those who do not have enough knowledge of website design and development then you can use WordPress website (CMS) where you can use plugin AMP, Yoast, and another plugin to manage the Adsense code to insert on every page where you want to show Google Adsense advertisement.

    3. Unique & Quality Content

    Most of us did not get Adsense account approval due to lack of quality as well as unique content over the website. This is the major challenge that we encounter the most but it is not a big deal to manage. If you got rejected for the first time due to only because of the quality of content then start writing fresh new content.

    SEO content writing is a key aspect for matching the Google SEO algorithms for pushing your website ranking at your targeted keywords list. While doing on-page optimization that also includes content optimization on the basis of

    • Uniqueness
    • Grammatically correct
    • Sufficient content up to 800 words
    • Proper tagging (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5)
    • Anchor text optimization
    • Optimized readability
    • Bullet points, paragraphs with proper tagging.
    • Call to action & user engaging content

    4.User age limitation

    Google Adsense account holder must have age 18 and above. If you are under the age of 18 then Adsense account will not approve to your website. This is mandatory for the applicant to cross the age of 18.  You can career as a blogger before 18. This will help you develop a network in blogging segment. With the consistent efforts and hard work, you not only become the influencer but also start work as a freelance content writer.

    As long as your blog become famous and you crossed the 18 years of age then this time is most valuable for your blog to be monetized by applying for Google Adsense. It is, sure enough, you will get Adsense account approval soon.

    5. Verify contact details

    Before applying for the Google Adsense account approval, it is necessary to place correct contact details including mobile number, postal address and email address with the domain name. Say for example, on both about and contact us website pages. It helps Google to verify the applicant and enhance the speed of the application process.  

    6. Privacy Policy

    This is one of the mandatory website pages. This matter a lot not only for website visitor but also validate the Google guidelines as well. This page also reflects your responsibility for your own business and make the individual user more comfortable in order to make sure their personal information would be safe and secure.

    The privacy policy also make sure your website is not a scam and make your blog/website introduce with visitors what is it all about. You can also mention the help section and give an anchor text for further assistant.

    7. Contact Us Page

    Along with privacy policy page contact us page over the website must be present and having the valuable importance in order to get approved Google Adsense account.

    Your contact us page also includes absolute information such as contact number, email address, social media links that not only helps visitors to get explore further profile of founders of blog/website and also generate the valuable trust in the context of you are actually human not a bot or spammer. This page sends a message to Google that you care about your users and ready to help them.

    Website footer section must have detail contact information and social media links. You can also put the feedback/query form as well for your visitors.

    8. About Us Page

    There is no other specific content that needs to be mention in order to get the approval of Google Adsense account. It is similar to creating other pages but your website must have about us page before applying the page. You already know about us page is consisting of information related to what your company’s vision, mission and objective. What kind s of service or products your online business cater to users.

    Describe you and your team members and how would you like to make the things happen for your prospective clients.  This is the most valuable information that connects and win the trust of visitors.

    9. For blogging website number of post

    As if now there is no specific number of posts but it is sure about the quality and quantity of content must good enough. Some of the blogger post at least 10 posts over the website but other bloggers come up with 200+ posts, on an average your blog need to have 25 posts and each one with at least 800 words before applying for Adsense account.

    10 check website traffic

    It is an absolute requirement to have enough traffic in order to monetize your website by using Adsense advertisement. But do you know how many visitors must be present or we can say the daily traffic that your website/blog must have? Certainly, the good number of visitors must be on your blog/website and on an average the 100  visitors that count with revisitors. Also, the traffic sources must be organic, referral, social, direct etc. count for assuring your website credibility for monetization.

    Sometimes it also happens the Google Adsense also de-active due to some suspicious activities that violet the Google Adsense guidelines.

    Tips to prevent Google Adsense account get disabled

    1. Clicks and impressions

    • First of all, we need to understand what does it mean to invalid clicks and impression. It is defined intentional attempt to increase advertisers’ costs or a publisher’s income.
    • These invalid clicks include:
    • when publishers click their own ads.
    • Placing a call to action for users to make them clicks
    • Automation tools such as website bots-paid traffic or bots,
    • Third-party generated traffic i.e. used to increase clicks and impressions.

    In case if your account disabled then you can put
    Policy violation appeal -Google Adsense account.

    2. Website/blog non-compliant to policy

    This is another reason why Google Adsense account is having higher chances of account disable. Keep on a review your website or blog meanwhile. So this will save your Google Adsense account.

    3. Protect website/blog from hackers

    This sometimes also happens when your website or blog hacked. Hackers place suspicious code that triggers Google Adsense policy violation. So keep your website/blogs from hackers. Keep maintaining security not only from the user point of view but also from server-side.